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When approaching a Passenger Lift , follow these guidelines: Know your destination. Click the elevator call button, in the direction you want. Look or hear the signal announcing the arrival of your car. Standing aside, for the departing passengers. If the arriving elevator is full, please wait for the next car. Do not try to stop the door by hand, foot, cane, etc. Waiting for the next elevator. In case of fire or other conditions likely to cause disruption of electrical service, go up the stairs.

Enter and exit carefully. Passengers closest to the door should go first. Once boarding, quickly press the floor button, and then move to the car to make room for other passengers. Firmly grasp children and pets. Stand away from the door and take clothing and belongings out of the opening. If you need to open the door, press and hold the door open button, or ask someone to press the button for you.

If you have armrests, grab the armrests. Pay attention to floor level indicator and prepare for exit at destination. If the door does not open when the elevator stops, press the door open button. If the door is still not open, press the ALARM button and / or use the phone or intercom. Wait until qualified people can help you.

If the Passenger Lift stops between floors, protect yourself: Push or pull the ALARM Elevator Push Button for help. If the phone is available, call for help. Intercom or speakerphone may be available. Follow the instructions. Do not forcibly open the elevator door. Do not try to leave the elevator. Patient help is in progress. You are safe and have plenty of air. So relax and wait for help.

kaolijack Nov 8 · Tags: assenger lift