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Dazen Elevator was established base on Residential Elevator Manufacturer, who is Elevator and elevator parts full solution provider.Dazen Elevator has significant experience manufacturing, installing and maintaining a wide assortment of freight elevators, both standard and custom designs. Dazen’s engineering and manufacturing departments develop some of the most robust freight elevators in the industry.

Let us help you find the elevator with the right load-bearing capacity to meet your requirements. We've installed cargo elevator in warehouses, shopping centers, industrial plants and more. Hydraulic cargo elevator is widely used in warehouse. And the main Cargo Elevator include stationary scissor lift and lead rail lift. Because the lead rail lift do not need depth pit, and it is popular than the scissor cargo elevator.

Some suggestion as follows

1.Emergency decline, if the we meet any emergency, we could down the cargo lift by this button.

2.Chain model: the chain model will changed according to cargo elevator load capacity and lift height.

3.Interlock, if the platform door is open, the elevator is stop working

4.Hydraulic cylinder: One anti-explosion valve in the cylinder, if the oil tube is breakage, the valve will block the oil go to the the oil tank, the elevator could not down fastly.

5.If the cargo elevator is installed outdoor, the painting is also important.