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Residential Elevator Manufacturer DAZEN service/hospital elevators are distinguished by wider doors and larger platform sizes to allow faster, more secure transport of people and equipment.

Because of their size and depth, these elevators are practical for use as service elevators in office buildings and hotels. Designed to comply with ADA and Canada barrier-free requirements, they offer the flexibility and safety required for use in hospitals.

Wings Hospital / Bed Lifts are designed in such a manner that patients will have smooth, jerk-less and safest travel. The capacity of Dazenelevator Hospital Elevator ranges from 10 passengers to 26 passengers.


    Speed ranging from 0.33 mps to 1 mps
    Jerkless starting and stopping with exact floor leveling which helps free movement for stretchers / wheel chairs
    Specially designed cabin size to accommodate stretcher / bed & medical equipment of required size with wide cabin opening for free movement
    Smooth & quite operation to prevent disturbance to patients
    Diffused illumination from light to prevent disturbance to patients on bed
    Hand Rails as per customer requirement which helps patients to stand firm
    Door & Cabin choice as per customer requirements
    Low Operational Cost